Well, this is the first blog for this website that i've put together to show some of the jewellery designs  i've been working on ( pretty much my first blog ever). It's feeling very autumnal here at the moment, the air's cooling and the days getting shorter, and looking at the images in the gallery i seem to have, without realising it,  reflected this in the colours and feel of the new Wilderness range. Looking out of the window it's the same rich browns, greens and russet reds of the leaves out there at the moment. 

Time to start lighting fires and wrapping up for the winter! I'm hoping to be able to write a bit regularly and put up photos to give of idea of how the jewellery reflects what i'm seeing as the weeks go by. 

8/10/2013 02:44:19 pm

Pretty photos, I love the colours and the clear light. We are heading into Summer here in Australia and it's going to be a hot one.

9/10/2013 05:10:05 am

Thankyou, hopefully the colours will make up for the cold!

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