Stormy night


For the past few days here in South Wales we've been expecting a stormy night, disruption, damage and other dire warnings. This must have been on my mind more than i've  thought because it's the middle of the night and although the storm hasn't arrived so far i'm wide awake and listening to the wind and rain!

This got me thinking about if there any gemstones with a symbolic link to the weather. The most common association i can find seems to be with moss agate. This is a stone i've often used, as in the moss agate and jade earrings in the photo, it's a warm mix of greens and blacks, mottled with stripes and intricate patterns which do look like moss or lichen. When polished it can be quite clear but i use it in a semi polished form so you can see the natural patterns more clearly. It's seen it mentioned several times as being good for balancing unsettled weather elements and helping gardeners and farmers. 

The rain has stopped for the moment and the wind does't sound too bad so who knows, might be a peaceful night after all.

More days like this please.

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